Friends who know this blog exists are likely to know also that I wrote for my local paper for a year.  Here's a link to find those stories on the Times' website.  

A few of the stories that were the most fun to work on, in no particular order:

In Their Prime - profile of a down-to-earth guy who teaches all ages about history (and isn't that an important job for all of us?)

In Their Prime - my first ITP, when I got to sit down with a true leader in the arts

Third-oldest Church of the Brethren - pastors are kind, conversational, everyday folks you'd sit down with for a cuppa' 

My first column - with my first published photo

With a joint gun club/fire company bingo and a firemen's carnival call for vendors, this one is quintessentially Carroll

Potter's studio open house - visited his studio for an hour and got to take my own pictures

Paw-paws - a native tree gaining new appreciation - this was after feature photos got farmed out to the paper's regular photographers, but that meant I got to work with the legendary Phil Grout.  We froze our fingers off on this frigid day, but it was interesting to watch and talk with movers and shakers in the CSA and farm-to-table movement.  CSA folks always restore my faith in humanity to do the right thing for the planet, the plants and animals under their care, and for human health.

One-act plays at a high school - one of my favorite columns because I got to see some excellent young actors at work.  One of the plays was written by its student-director, who was planning to pursue theater studies.  It was a challenging about a controversial topic and I wouldn't be at all surprised to see his name on a playbill in New York City someday.  I was so excited about the students' work after I interviewed them that I attended the performances.  The Hub even went with me.  High school productions can be surprisingly good and carry a low ticket price.  We haven't been to one before or since, and I suspect we're missing out on some good theater.