Marichit, of Ink & Water, created a series of word art, each with a power-packed word surrounded by vibrant colors.  I snagged this one because, not only does it include my favorite turquoise with a dash of contrasting red, it features "begin" -- the hardest thing I've struggled to do in recent months.  

"Begin" itself implies there is much that follows it, but sometimes the worrying about what must follow makes getting started feel insurmountable.  So I've been thinking "begin" every time I sit down to write, and "begin" when I need to pick up the phone and call someone to interview, and "begin" when I need to clean out a closet or a bookshelf.  

And things are beginning to happen!  The Hub is off on another run to the thrift shop this morning, I've begun pulling books off the over-packed bookcase in the living room to be sorted and re-shelved in a logical way, and, while I haven't mastered picking up the phone without thinking about it first, I am getting better at getting my calls done and out of the way.  Some days and a few calls I still fight to get started, but I see progress.  Most days, I can take a deep breath, say "begin" with the exhale, and do whatever needs to be done.  Once I've begun, the rest usually, and calmly, takes care of itself.

Marichit is a friend in the online creativity group I joined last October, and which has helped so many of us in the group thrive.  Artists are arting(!) and selling their work.  Writers are writing and getting published.  The community is a safe place of support, begun (there's that word again!) and held safe by creativity warrior Jane!

Thank you, Marichit, for creating something beautiful to remind me that all I need to do is begin.  


**Update  Marichit's ETSY store is open now.  More will be added as she moves things over from Weebly.

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More Gettysburg moments

Geren and I made a rare evening run to Gettysburg one night, hoping to catch some sunset light.  The sunset wasn't quite as spectacular as we'd hoped but it was pretty in its own right and we enjoyed the drive.  

I had pleasant chats with a family who were taking advantage of a few free minutes before going on a ghost tour and an equally nice chat with a local who often visits the memorial to watch the sunset.  

I grew up being afraid to talk to people I didn't know but now I enjoy talking with folks I've just met.  Most people are good folks who just want to do their thing and have fun and enjoy life. That's important to remember on days when the world is too much. 

It does seem odd, though, if not downright wrong, that the momentary switches I have at Gettysburg have come at the expense of three horrifying days in 1863.

Geren and I both played with new 'gear,' too:  the #Hipstamatic #Pinhole snapak.  Here's one of my shots with the pinhole pak:

And a couple taken with the Canon Rebel (maybe that little bit of nomenclatural coincidence is a subject for another post?!)  as the sun sank behind South Mountain:

Geren's post is here.  He, too, tried out the new Hipstamatic pinhole pak, with great results!

Of summery things

The hub, FIL, and I went to an all-day photo event on Sunday.  It was a great opportunity to try to get excited about taking pictures again but, because it wasn't a hands-on event, it served as inspiration only, not a chance to implement.

We tried to make up for that lack of hands-on experience with a stroll on the boardwalk during lunch and another, widely meandering stroll from the event venue back to our cars.  

**We interrupt this post for an important message about lunch.**

Grotto Pizza of Rehobeth Beach offers gluten-free pizza.  

The Grotto fans among you will understand how important this is but you should know their gluten-free crust is nothing like their regular crust.  If that's what you're looking for, you'll be disappointed.  If you simply want to be able to take a risk and eat out with your family and friends with a reasonable hope that you won't get poisoned, you might be pleasantly surprised.

**We now return you to your regularly scheduled blogpost, already in progress.**

Each of us had a different take on our strolls, of course.  We all used our cell phones.  While the guys were both used the standard iPhone camera, I opened Hipstamatic and shook my phone once to get a random lens/film combo, then went with that for the rest of my shots.  

The shake-to-randomize feature is the easiest way for me to give up control over what I'm shooting.  (Backlash against the lessons of the lectures?  Who knows...)  I used it for my nature walk in Gettysburg Saturday and wasn't unhappy with the effect there nor on the boardwalk on Sunday.  

The guys haven't made their takes on our walks public on their Facebook pages or blogs; I'll add links if they do.  My take is below. 

**UPDATE:  Link to Geren's shots here.