Nudging the neurons

The summer semester ended on July 30th, and I'm free now.  Sort of.  My fall class starts in a few weeks but for now, in this in-between space, I'm turning my focus and time toward my MLA capstone, which begins with the spring 2018 semester, and the long list of prep work I've made for myself.  On that list: establish better habits for writing.  

These little 6-word story invitations are, even in their tiny way, a good exercise.  They require economy, which requires thinking outside box to imply a full story behind such a short string of words.  It's a small commitment, coming up with six words, and once I've come up with one string, I'm tempted to come up with a second, and so on, at least until I have to get up and do the laundry or something.  

Nudge those neurons and see what you can come up with.  Feel free to share here but a share on the 6-word story site would be even better.  If you're going to write the words, then why not put them out into the world where they belong?

If you'd rather stay here where people know you, then how about using this image?