A publication!

I was happy to receive The Soap Box, Vol. II, in which my poem Hoarfrost on Cattails appears.  (Inspired by the photo I took here.)

I haven't had anything published for a few years.  Publication is like the lottery: you gotta' play to win.  And I haven't been playing.  I go through brief spurts when I submit a poem or two then I stop because life doesn't stop while I'm writing poetry, meaning nothing else gets done.  Even life sustaining things like grocery shopping, laundry, bill paying.

The piece published here was one that spontaneously combusted during one of my layovers in Minneapolis last fall.  I'd tried to force it onto the page during my flight, only to be overtaken by a very powerful desire to nap, so I put it away and didn't get it out again until I was waiting at my net gate.  Then, bammo, there it was!  I fired up the laptop, banged the keyboard into oblivion, and now my (albeit imperfect) words are on a printed page with a related sketch facing it.  (I didn't do the sketch.  A fabulous artist named Darya Rakitine did the sketch.  I can't draw.  At all.  Like barely even a doodle in a textbook.)

My gratitude to The Soap Box for publishing it and adding a drawing, and to my creative online friends who allowed my poem to be the one that got submitted from the group of poems we created together.  

Cheers to small journals!