Carnival season is here!

Carnival season kicked off last week with the first in a series that makes its way around to every county fire company from late May through August.  The stroll around the carnival grounds the same night as the Midnite Run show was a welcome chance to try to get that coveted carousel shot I've never gotten, simply because, well, we don't usually go to the carnivals. 

Rule #1 of living creatively: To get what you want, you have to show up!

I enjoyed wandering and spent most of my time cradling my camera in the crook of one elbow, which gave me a steadier shot than if I'd tried to handhold a, say, 1/13 shutter speed in normal position and wasn't too unhappy with the results.

I'm still as mesmerized by the bright lights and vivid colors as I was as a tweenager at the county fair.  I punched up the images a bit to try to convey that sensory overload of being surrounded by all that color and light against the night sky.  The colors feed off their contrast with the sky and the sky appears darker against all the colors; each is stronger because of the other.  Interpret that as you wish.