A little nite music

While it's rare for me, I do get out to listen to local bands once in a while.  I had the pleasure of seeing Midnite Run last night at the first fire company carnival of the season and, though I got home past my (embarrassingly early) bedtime, I was relaxed and rejuvenated from being away from the house, away from homework and even from writing (gasp!).

An article making it way around social media today listed 33 ways to boost creativity, one of which to listen to new music.  Listening to old music I haven't heard in a long time is just as effective.  Anything that's different, out of the daily routine, serves to shake up the routine and jog loose those thoughts that get me stuck and incapable of seeing from a different perspective.

Thanks, Midnite Run, for an impressive performance, a trip down memory lane, and for shaking up my Sunday night routine.  

While there, I also wandered and took photos along the midway and around the rides. Grabbing that opportunity to get creative behind the lens also shook up the monotony of spending every evening staring at the screen and waiting for writing to magically appear on it. It was nice to be freed from that mental obligation for an evening and I had an easy time getting up and finishing a research book this morning, then finishing the current novel's outline set-up in Scrivener.  Now that I've run my errands for the day and gotten these pictures done for the band, and a huge pot of split pea and ham soup is simmering on the stove, I'll move on to do some actual writing.  It's been a day of working up to the writing, but I'm going to get there.  

What can you do to shake up your routine, remove the 'stuckness' that might be holding you back?

The band does a very cool benefit for Wounded Warrior Project every year.  Check it out and buy tickets here.  (No, I'm not getting a kickback.)  You can follow them and see upcoming events on FB, too.