On awakening and taking chances

The drive from Cow County into downtown Baltimore for the second day of a conference was uneventful even if nerve wracking.  I'd planned an early arrival so I wouldn't have to rush and would avoid the heaviest part of rush hour, but the volume of traffic careering around me down the narrow triple lanes though I was already going 10mph over the speed limit was disconcerting. 


I got in early enough to drop off my car at valet parking and get settled before the breakfast session roundtables opened. On my way upstairs, I spotted the golden light of sunrise on the water and the buildings across the way, and decided I'd best take the chance to go back out and snap a few shots with my phone while the light was good.  I was glad I did. Not 20 minutes later the grey had taken over. 


The reflections in the water were pretty with an implied serenity that belied the realities of a city readying to unleash its daily hurry.  A water taxi pulled in from across the harbor.  It was fun to watch the city awaken.   


The morning had me thinking about chances and how we choose whether to take them, and which ones we deem worth taking.   Decision making in my world rarely comes with a 2-by-4.   And sometimes the chance isn't really indicating that the easy, perfect looking  road is the best one; sometimes the chance is telling me to recommit to staying on the same path but with renewed vigor.  Maybe not to give up something I like for something that looks perfect for me, but instead to stretch and take action that will turn something I like into that perfect-for-me situation.  It is, too often, hard to determine which is the better road while I'm still standing within the quandary.  

That, in itself, can be problematic, because sometimes you only get but so many chances to grab the gold before grey takes over and your chance has passed you by...