On being stuck in the middle

I felt stuck in the middle of a situation today so I slipped out for a quick walk  to try to clear my head and get some perspective back.  There was a sharp bite to the air but a fast pace softened it. 

I caught these two shots while I was out: 


This leaf had drifted its way to the ground but landed in a place where it was both trapped and supported by the very crevice that held it captive. I felt trapped in the situation but a breather told me here might be more possibilities than my irrational thinking at the time was letting me see.







The serrated edges of a crisp, dry, cold leaf echoed the sharp edges in the air.





I didn't come to any great awakenings but the walk was refreshing and introduced me to a couple of those things that make you go hmm...

Feel free to share your own observations or 'things that make you go hmm...' in the comments.