Market or soul?

After becoming a pro at crastinating, I finally forced myself to sit down earlier this week and pick photos for an upcoming members' show at the count arts council.  It was now or never, and I didn't want to let the show go by for a second year without participating, especially after I paid the (albeit nominal) entry fee.

In my haste, I didn't give myself enough time to be thoughtful and thorough in my selections.  I fell into the trap of picking more images that I thought the market might like than work that conveys a feeling I want to share.

So while that first batch of prints is still in process, I ordered another small batch of different prints today.  I'll choose my show prints once they arrive and I can see how well they came out with my paper choices and such.  And I'll choose the ones that feel closer to the heart and soul of my creative process on that day.  

It's a simple fact of creativity: not everything an artist, writer, or other creative offers the world will resonate with everyone.  

Today, I choose to set aside trying to please a fickle market, and instead satisfy my soul.


This image isn't one I picked for the show, but it is one I keep coming back to for the raindrops and the windblown feel.