Slowing down the summer

I'll soon be submitting my final weekly events column, which I've been writing for my local paper for just under a year.  With grad school starting up again (I didn't have classes last year), I've wised up to the fact that I can't possible do it all so the demand of having a weekly deadline needs to go.  I'll be staying on to pick up less frequent stories but for now it makes sense to step away from the weekly push and have a few weeks to myself before classes begin. 

I'm excited to be joining my friend Shalavee in Susannah Conway's August Break, which starts tomorrow.  It's a month of photo challenges, done on our own schedules, as much or as little as we can or want to manage, with the point being to slow down a little and savor summer, which will be over before we know it.  

With the return of the academic year both at work and in grad school, I want to enjoy the remaining couple of weeks before unofficial fall arrives and brings its own hectic demands to fill up my work and personal planners.  

Until then, I'll be paying attention to Susannah's daily challenge themes and hoping I can keep up!

Without a weekly deadline, the rest of the summer should truly be a fun #AugustBreak2016.