An exercise in the everyday

I needed some photo time today - time to not just see the world in a different way from what the flat screen on the wall pitches at me but to see completely different things from what the tv and FB throw up on their screens.  (Yes, I meant that.)

So as soon as I got home today, I grabbed the camera and macro lens and ventured outside.  But the pull to dig into the prettier stuff around me didn't let up after shooting the flora amid the weeds in our jungle.  The bunnies were nowhere to be found and birds don't often sit still, so the fauna weren't working for me, either.

What was left?  Everyday stuff.  Bubbles on a bar of handmade soap.  A copper hinge on a kitchen cabinet, ubiquitous in the mid-60s when our house was built, maligned in the 80s (which are now themselves much maligned, and rightly so).  Brightly colored things intentionally out of focus.  And the setting buttons on one of our toasters (I needed the photo to go with a poem I wrote a while back).

First comment with the right guess as to what the brightly colored objects are wins a prize.  Actually, there's no prize.  I can't afford a prize.  You will, however, have my undying admiration for having guessed correctly.