Do something else.

What do you do when you realize you're halfway to your destination but have forgotten the one thing you most meant to bring with you?  Tonight, I was halfway to Gettysburg for a sunset shoot when I realized I'd remembered my tripod but forgotten to pick up my camera bag.  

I'm (not quite, I guess) forever forgetting my tripod when we go to the shore or take a short trip to Gettysburg.  I made a mental note to remember it tonight, but didn't make a big enough note to remember the thing it supports. 

Solution?  Just do something else.  A person with an iPhone is a person with a camera.  I've also been intrigued by the double exposures folks in the Hipstamatic tintype FB group have been posting, so I resolved to try out some doubles, too.

I must have looked like a one-person Keystone cops short as I took one shot on one side of Hancock Ave then ambled across the avenue to take another.  

It was a successful experiment because I learned that it's important to compose carefully, more so than for single exposures, so that the desired elements get layered atop each other properly (more notes on that in the photo captions, below).

I know there's a bigger life lesson in this idea of doing something else, finding another way, when things aren't working according to plan.  I'm fond of the saying that 'life is what happens when you're making other plans.'  Sometimes it's in our power to make a different choice and do something else.  Sometimes it's not. In photography, at least today, it was.