No doors.

I was recently privileged to attend a small gathering with fellow creatives.  As is often the case when creative minds get together, conversations ranged from the mundane to the sublime, yet often returned to a core theme: what are we doing to facilitate our own growth?

Growth may come in the ways we each tell stories, be it through poetry or painting, or the ways we interact in the workplace or with our families at home.  One thing some of us said we had noticed is that, even if the person who has offered the greatest amount of criticism (not critique, that's different) is no longer as persistent as they once were in telling us that what we're doing with our art has no value, we sometimes fill in those missing words ourselves.

The hypercritical person need not waste their breath so long as we have been conditioned to step in and levy their criticisms for them.

Sometimes the bird is the last to know its cage has no door.

#Hipstamatic #Penny #D-type

Thanks to Shalavee, where I felt impelled to take this little picture, not realizing until much later that it was relevant to conversations that had taken place during the gathering.