Finding fascination in the small things

Geren, his father, and I went on a photo adventure yesterday for a few hours.  We did the usual tour at Assateague (Maryland side), which was so mobbed with Memorial Day weekenders that it was near impossible to enjoy, but we also visited a couple of parks my FIL had been meaning to visit.  

I had a streak of whimsy at a small garden as we stepped onto the walking path at the park, then quickly became absorbed in the wildflower meadow where giant yellow thistles invited abstracts and tiny purple flowers asked for a rare chance to be the center of attention.  It wasn't long before Geren and his dad were well ahead of me on the path.

I spent a lot of time watching a spider busy trying to make a web.  I was intrigued by its process: it would start on one tall blade of grass, crawling its way up toward the top, which would weigh the blade down so much that it enabled the spider to get to another tall stalk.  I watched it work its way back and forth like that a couple of times as it reached out its legs to grab one tall piece or another.  

It was a small creature yet there I was, crenelated brain and all (I presume), fascinated by it -- not the other way 'round.  My interest was proof that it's possible to watch in wonderment any living creature.  I tried to identify the type of spider online tonight but got so weirded out by the masses of creepy spider pictures that I decided it's enough for me to have been fascinated; I needn't know absolutely everything there is to know.

Sometimes a childlike sense of wonder is good enough for one day.