Resting in the echoes

I had a lot on my to-do list yesterday to catch up from everything that didn't get done while I was working extra hours the past weeks, but I woke up in a funk and decided chores and newspaper work could wait.  I needed time to do something relaxing.

When I started pulling things together for the inevitable trip to Gettysburg, I realized I was assembling everything I'd need for a writing session.  Yet I wanted to rest and rejuvenate without directing my brain down specific pathways.  I wanted to go with the flow instead of being on a schedule.  

Once in town, I thought about visiting the reenactors scheduled at the Rupp House.  The vacant lawn there showed the rain had kept reenactors away so I meandered south for a few blocks before turning east on Wheatfield Road.  I went about 500 feet to the first pull-off and stopped.  As cars and tour buses and even Segways came and went, I stayed, lost in all that was happening in that limited space.

Wildflower blooms and tree leaves benefited from the diffuse light so I pulled out the trusty 90mm macro lens and got lost in the healing rain, which gathered and dripped from carved details on the monument to the 15th NY Battery and saturated the colors in the weathered paint of the nearby cannon. A pair of starlings nurturing a nest in the cannon barrel made clear, with their squawking and carrying on, when they thought I'd overstayed my welcome.  

I moved on after about an hour and meandered along some of the roads I've never taken before.  I even parked the car and took a 1/2-mile walk, crossing all digits that the clouds wouldn't let loose with anything more than the gentle rain that had been falling. 

I noticed a lot of echoes in my shots as I processed them last night.  Echoes are everywhere in nature, repeating patterns reverberating, calling for notice.   

My socks and shoes got soaked through and muddy but the discomfort was a fair trade for having a few hours to forget daily obligations and let the echoes string each moment together until I was rested enough to notice them. 

I took wide-angle battlefield, farmhouse and barn shots, too, but  those will come later.  They carry different echoes than the nature shots here.

Here's my spot, with misty rain as backdrop:

Monument to the 15th NY Battery 

Monument to the 15th NY Battery 

And here are some of the echoes I caught there and elsewhere around the park: