Noticing, in spite of

The past few weeks at work saw my coworkers and I working many 10- to 14-hour days.  In spite of the craziness, we all talked about what was helping us 'keep it together' during the crunch time.  

My best move was going for a two-hour massage.  My practitioner is a skilled and spiritual person, so what might have been only a massage became a time and place where she held space for me to decompress.  I often felt like I was floating, which was a new and interesting - and healing - experience for me.  (Some of the pictures I took a few days later echoed that floating space, with their subjects resting on the bottom of the frame while whatever was holding them up is, for the most part, out of sight.) 

I am grateful that spotting small bits of beauty continued on our busiest days.  I noticed golden-hour sunlight cutting citrine paths through leaves in the woods around the upper parking lot, and bell-shaped cotton-candy pink flowers glistening in the misty rain, and a purposeful caterpillar making its way down a tree trunk (which turned out to be a tent caterpillar - yikes!).

In spite of the craziness, and even though I love my job, it was nice to be able to notice those daily momentary switches that remind me there's more to the world than work.  

I took a couple of photos -- one of pink flowers along a path, another of an orchid table decoration at last night's event.  Neither will win awards, but I'm giving myself a tiny award for noticing these things and stopping for just a few seconds to take a picture.


p.s. Now that our long days are over, I'm booked for a yoga class and genealogical society meeting Monday evening, and another (albeit shorter) massage on Wednesday.  Woohoo!  I'm getting pretty good at this taking-care-of-my-sanity thing.