Space to breathe

I missed this photo when I posted my shots from Saturday's street fair because I took it with my cell phone instead of my 'real' camera.  I thought this chair looked like a lovely spot to rest, even though it's only the changing room at the new yoga studio we checked out.  I liked the simplicity of the space -- my cue to strive for simplicity at home again. 

I think this photo, taken with Hipstamatic on my iPhone is good enough, even though it's a bit grainy because the iPhone doesn't do so well in low light.  I hadn't yet pulled the 'real' camera out of its bag at this point, though I did soon afterward as I saw more and more I wanted to capture in this space.  

I settled for 'good enough' with this shot because, sometimes, good enough really is.  At the moment, I didn't have the energy to get the Rebel out.  I did soon afterward, but I didn't have it at the moment I wanted to snap this.  Sometimes, demanding perfection in every shot means not doing anything at all or even ending up with something terrible for all the hemming and hawing and poor creating that can happen (or not) when perfection feels too unattainable to bother trying for at all.

When, all along, good enough...would have been good enough.