How long can you go without power?

I was working on my column this evening when my laptop screen went black.  It only took me a second to realize I’d never brought in the power cord from the kitchen, where I’d used it last, to the dining room, where I’d moved so I could chat with the hub while I worked. 

Offhandedly, I said to him, “I ran out of power."  

Such a simple little statement.  A mere five words.  But so insightful.

I spent entirely too much time procrastinating on writing-for-pay over the past couple of weeks.  So much time that I didn’t accomplish much of anything that I had wanted to finish.

Though I wanted desperately to go spend time in Gettysburg, I kept putting it off until I could check off several things on my to-do list -- until last Thursday, when I finally decided that, since I wasn’t doing what I was ‘supposed’ to be doing, I might as well go out and do what I wanted to do.  If nothing was getting done anyway, what did I have to lose by spending my time the way I most wanted to spend it? 

So I went.  I had less than a half-hour on site because I’d waited so long to make the decision to get on the road that day and I had an appointment later in the afternoon but the time I spent there, even though it was less time than my trip took each way, was surprisingly productive. 

Getting out and doing what I needed to do to restore my soul and my thoughts led to brand new insights on the civil war novel I’ve been toying with for the past two years.  New insights that led me back to the battlefield yesterday afternoon, where I spent another half-hour walking around Reynolds Woods and the edges of McPherson Farm (around #1 here), and where I sat and wrote for just over an hour.  Yes, a solid, satisfying hour of writing!

I wrote another scene this morning.  I took another step forward for myself and my own writing. 

I’m tired this evening but I’m content that I got plugged back into my own writing again in the past few days. 

The next six or seven weeks will be exceptionally busy ones, but I’ll be looking for ways to stay plugged into my own projects and to keep myself from running out of power. 

How ‘bout you? What do you do to recharge your batteries?