Of summery things

The hub, FIL, and I went to an all-day photo event on Sunday.  It was a great opportunity to try to get excited about taking pictures again but, because it wasn't a hands-on event, it served as inspiration only, not a chance to implement.

We tried to make up for that lack of hands-on experience with a stroll on the boardwalk during lunch and another, widely meandering stroll from the event venue back to our cars.  

**We interrupt this post for an important message about lunch.**

Grotto Pizza of Rehobeth Beach offers gluten-free pizza.  

The Grotto fans among you will understand how important this is but you should know their gluten-free crust is nothing like their regular crust.  If that's what you're looking for, you'll be disappointed.  If you simply want to be able to take a risk and eat out with your family and friends with a reasonable hope that you won't get poisoned, you might be pleasantly surprised.

**We now return you to your regularly scheduled blogpost, already in progress.**

Each of us had a different take on our strolls, of course.  We all used our cell phones.  While the guys were both used the standard iPhone camera, I opened Hipstamatic and shook my phone once to get a random lens/film combo, then went with that for the rest of my shots.  

The shake-to-randomize feature is the easiest way for me to give up control over what I'm shooting.  (Backlash against the lessons of the lectures?  Who knows...)  I used it for my nature walk in Gettysburg Saturday and wasn't unhappy with the effect there nor on the boardwalk on Sunday.  

The guys haven't made their takes on our walks public on their Facebook pages or blogs; I'll add links if they do.  My take is below. 

**UPDATE:  Link to Geren's shots here.