Talent! Or Talent?

I read a practical post about talent this morning from Barbara O'Brien, a 2012 Rita winner who has continued to write -- and get published -- since then.  

In her post, O'Brien asks if there is such a thing as talent.  She refers to a few others' opinions on the question and, thankfully for me, settles on one thing (no spoilers here, the link is at the bottom of this post).  

As I read, I thought to myself that writing is a personal satisfaction, not a public one.  Writing a paragraph or a poem I recognize as being in my own voice, that doesn't sound like someone whose work I was just reading or like the writing I do for the local paper, is a soul-satisfying moment.  

All by itself, that instant of recognition turns off the outside world, becoming the momentary switch I need to get grounded again.  

Check out Barbara's post here.