Keep up or digging deep: Part II / Goal: Whelmed

Too often, there's too much packed onto my calendar and, if there aren't external demands, there are self-imposed ones.  And they build until I feel overwhelmed.  I'd like to have enough control over my time that I can be, as The Hub and dear friends are fond of saying, just whelmed.

Shalagh of Shalavee asked for a list of things I've moved from one day's to-do list to the next day's (see comments) so I posted one, but I realized today that it didn't include any of the things on the nine 3x3 post-its in the front of my appointment book.  Most of the things on those post-its are sparks of poetry, fiction, personal essays, photography project -- all the creative pursuits that make life worth living.  And they don't even include the quilting projects.  I'm not willing to give them up but I can never carve out the time needed to work on them, partly because working on them requires big chunks of time, when all I've really got is 10, 20, max 60 minutes in a day.  Carving out that time is my greatest challenge.

Other items on those post-its are household-type things that, no matter how un-fun they are, need to be done.  It always feels good when those things are accomplished, but the doing isn't my favorite thing.

I've been trying different time management techniques since Covey hit the corporate world in the late 80s (yes, I'm dating myself here).  I've found lately that nothing works as well as simply getting up and doing the thing I'm putting off.   Lagging energy at the end of the day means too many days escape me without my getting much accomplished.  Why is the simplest thing often the most difficult to do? 

I'll keep going and trying to figure out how to fit 30 hours of doing into a 24-hour day, but if someone wants to do my laundry, shopping, cooking, and cleaning, give me a call.

Wow, this was hardly an uplifting post.  I'll add "write a more positive post" to tomorrow's to-do list.  And probably the day after that's, and the day after that's...