Keeping up or digging deep?

I've been looking at all the different things I do and asking myself questions -- why I do things, how much time do I really need to give them, whether there are other ways to achieve the same goals, and whether they are really important enough to need doing at all.

I've begun cutting back or cutting out three or four things.  If they become important in future I can give them more attention but for now they don't warrant time or energy or, least of all, the worry that comes from thinking I should be doing them.  Moving them from one day's to-do list to the next only provides written proof that I've somehow failed another day.  I'm not keeping up.  

But why does it matter whether I keep up?  Not everything on my to-do list is a top priority.  Some things, when evaluated more critically, don't need to be there at all.  When my days feel filled with activities that only scratch the surface, it's time to ask a question:  

Am I just keeping up, or digging deep?  

I spent several hours on homework Saturday and Sunday (with social media breaks, I confess) and ended the weekend with fleshed out character sketches for one WIP (work-in-progress), historical research done for the same story, and an SD card with some decent photos from a late afternoon trip to Gettysburg with The Hub.  

Creative, productive, and worthwhile because I was deeply invested in it.  

What matters to you?  Where do you invest your time and energy the most, and why?